18 population Mongol Scout Rush


The 18 population Mongol scout rush is one of the fastest rushes in the game, capable of derailing your opponent before they have even reached the Feudal Age. For that reason, in match-up’s or play styles where early aggression is favored, Mongols are simply one of the best go-to picks.

Objective 1: Advance to the Feudal age at 18 population

  • Upon beginning the game, send two villagers to build a house, and the other to build another house.
  • Send three villagers to collect sheep. Send the house villagers to collect sheep also.
  • Send the next three villagers to wood.
  • Send the next villager to lure your boar. Build a house on the way.
  • Send the next three villagers to berries.
  • Send your next villager to lure the next boar.
  • Send another villager to boar.
  • Push deer with your scout. If you struggle with this, send three villagers from boar to place a mill on your deer, however this will delay your stable time.
  • Send two villagers to the first wood-line. You cannot afford a second lumber-camp this early due to the need of building a barracks and stable.
  • Once done with the boar, send villagers to collect sheep.
  • Research loom and advance to Feudal Age with 18 population.

Objective 2: Train at least two scouts and rush the opponent

  • When you are at about 40% of the way to Feudal Age, have a berry villager build a house, then a barracks.
  • Once your scout is completed pushing in all the deer, send them to scout out the enemies berries and gold.
  • As you reach Feudal Age, your barracks builder should be complete. Use them to build a stable.
  • Send new villagers to straggler trees. As your stable has now been started, send villagers idle from sheep to stragglers, and to build farms when you can afford.
  • Train 2 scouts. Use your first scout and the first created scout to attack the enemy and stop them from making walls, or from building a barracks.
  • Research double-bit axe.
  • Send additional scouts to where you have been attacking to create more pressure to the player defending.

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16 Population Mongol Scout Rush

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