Mid-Elo Mistakes

Just can’t seem to crack being out of 950 elo? Having a hard time determining what went wrong in your last game? Our “Mid-Elo Mistakes” pinpoints every little issue across the board that only those higher than 1200 elo seem to consistently avoid in their games.

Farming around your mill before your town center

Many players make the mistake of farming around their mills before their town center. Farming around your town center allows you to easily garrison villagers when you are being rushed, leaving them less exposed.

Not placing houses near water

On water or hybrid maps, houses can be your best friend. If you place them next to the water, when an enemy patrols around your coast, they will attack your house which may mean they do not attack your navy. Also, with Town Watch, houses give a considerable line-of-sight.

Not placing markets in the corner of the map

Many players do not know that the longer a trade cart travels in its route, the more gold is made. Some players who know this think that the gold picked up is roughly equal to the same trade cart doing a shorter route multiple times. This is not true! The gold is roughly calculated at 1.3x the extra tiles traveled.

Vision is key

You will not have time to react - be it sending your villagers away from danger or determining the correct counter units - unless you know well in advance what your units your enemy has and tracking where they are. If you have your starting scout, use that to identify whether your opponent has a stable or an archery range. Later in the game, if you do not have map control, use that scout to track the enemy army. If you don't have a scout, or if you're paranoid that the enemy will show up, add some outposts in the perimeter of your town and invest in town watch. You will never be surprised then.

Renew your lumber camps and build more mills

This may seem pretty obvious to some, and maybe you know to do it, but the amount of times a low to mid-elo player has not made additional lumber camps or mills is astounding in the late game. Perhaps too many things are happening to remember it. Nevertheless, renewing lumbercamps and building more mills leads to less walking time for villagers, which increases efficiency of your resource collection. This small amount adds up!

Spend your resources

Analysis of 1000 elo games shows that most players who lose stockpile a resource. This means they are collecting more resources than they can use. Obviously, your goal is to have a booming economy, but make sure you have the production buildings to be able to consume those resources.
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