Archer Build Order

The archer build order allows you to harass opponents villagers over their wood lines and walls, whilst working towards a critical mass of archers.

This specific build order was created by Hera, and can also be found on his discord channel.

Objective 1 – Advance to Feudal with 21 Pop

  1. As always, build 2 houses and send your first 6 villagers to sheep.
  2. Your next 4 villagers to wood after building a lumber camp.
  3. Your 11th villager will lure your first boar.
  4. Your 12th villager will build a house, and then a mill on berries.
  5. The next 2 villagers go to berries.
  6. With your 15th villager, lure your 2nd boar.
  7. Move your next villager to berries.
  8. Your next 2 villagers will go to food under the Town Center.
  9. The next villager goes to wood.
  10. The next two villagers go to wood after building a second lumber camp.
  11. Research loom and click up to Feudal Age.
  12. Move 3 villagers under the Town Center to the 2nd lumber camp.
  13. Move the other 3 villagers to make a mining camp on gold.
  14. Build a barracks at 60% of the way to Feudal Age.

Objective 2 – Advance to Castle Age

  1. Research Double Bit Axe.
  2. Build 2 archery ranges.
  3. Make archers.
  4. Send 4 new villagers to gold.
  5. Build a blacksmith close to where you would build your wall, then continue walling.
  6. Send all new villagers to wood or straggler trees and build farms when you can afford them.
  7. Research Fletching and start sending your archers out.
  8. Research Wheelbarrow around minutes 16 – 17.
  9. Send 1 more villager to gold than click up to Castle Age.
  10. Research horse collar and gold mining upgrade.
  11. Research Padded Archer Armor and keep massing archers.

Objective 3 – Continue to Attack and Boom in Background

  1. Research the crossbowman upgrade and 2nd gold mining upgrade.
  2. Research Bowsaw.
  3. Drop 2 Town Centers near a wood line and secondary gold mine.
  4. Build a university and research Ballistics.
  5. Keep on booming and attacking your opponent to apply pressure.

Provided you are able to boom and maintain a critical pressure on your opponent, you can likely handle whatever your opponent throws at you. Be careful of mobile units such as knights that may attempt to pick off small numbers of reinforcements. You may also like to build an additional archery range forward to reinforce your army faster.

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