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16 Population Mongol Scout Rush

With this build order, you will be able to have an 8 minute Feudal time and begin producing scouts. This build is intermediate, and uses early Feudal pressure.

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18 population Mongol Scout Rush

The 18 population Mongol scout rush is one of the fastest rushes in the game, capable of derailing your opponent before they have even reached

Build Orders

Mayan Plume-&-Boom

This build lets a Mayan player fast castle and immediately place a castle and a second town center, with production of plumed archers and a

Civilization Specific Build Orders

Cuman Mini-Boom

Cumans are a very unique, even strange civilization, which many consider to be a civilization not yet figured out. In this build order, we will be booming off two town-centers in the Feudal Age.

Civilization Specific Build Orders

Khmer Fast Castle into Boom

With Definitive Edition, Khmer have recently become one of the best booming civilizations in the game. The fact that farmers instantly drop off food they