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Of all the maps available in Age of Empires 2, Arabia is the most popular. In the competitive scene, Arabia is consistently the starting map of nearly every tournament map pool, and Arabia has never left the Ranked Map Pool since Definitive Edition launched. Many new players struggle playing Arabia. Arabia fundamentally encourages players to be aggressive, and a passive player will usually fall behind.


16 Population Mongol Scout Rush

With this build order, you will be able to have an 8 minute Feudal time and begin producing scouts. This build is intermediate, and uses early Feudal pressure.



One of the new civilizations released in “The Last Khans” was the Lithuanians, an interesting civilization to say the least, and threatening when played to

Battle Royale Victor

All we know about AOE2 Battle Royale

The 1 year anniversary for Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition is around the corner and with the anniversary the devs have confirmed they will

Build Orders

18 population Mongol Scout Rush

The 18 population Mongol scout rush is one of the fastest rushes in the game, capable of derailing your opponent before they have even reached

Build Orders

Mayan Plume-&-Boom

This build lets a Mayan player fast castle and immediately place a castle and a second town center, with production of plumed archers and a

Unlock the secrets to playing

The persians

The Persians are one of the most OP Civs in AOE2 but can you play them properly? Learn from the pros when it comes to playing the Persians

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