• Archer Build Order
    The straight archer build will allow you to harass an opponents wood and wall lines and allow you to begin massing archers to make a critical ball of crossbowmen.
  • 19 Pop Scouts into Skirmishers
    Scouts are a standard build order to learn, but often you find yourself making scouts and being countered by an opponent’s spearman.
  • Unique Unit Counter Guide
    Each civilization in AoE2 has its unique unit with their own strengths and counters. Learn about the unit and their counter using our guide.
  • Arabia
    Of all the maps available in Age of Empires 2, Arabia is the most popular. Find out more about this popular map, its meta, and what to expect going in.
  • 16 Population Mongol Scout Rush
    With this build order, you will be able to have an 8 minute Feudal time and begin producing scouts. This build is of an advanced difficulty and utilises early Feudal pressure.
  • All we know about AOE2 Battle Royale
    Battle Royale for Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition follows a similar theme to other battle royale games, but with its own tasteful and in-character flair.
  • 18 population Mongol Scout Rush
    The 18 population Mongol scout rush is one of the fastest rushes in the game, capable of derailing your opponent before they have even reached the Feudal Age. For that reason, in match-up’s or play styles where early aggression is favored, Mongols are simply one of the best go-to picks. Objective 1: Advance to the Feudal age …

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  • Mayan Plume-&-Boom
    This build lets a Mayan player fast castle and immediately place a castle and a second town center, with steady production of Plumed Archers and a third town center being made a minute after advancing. Should you want to try it yourself in game, our interactive Mayan Plume-&-Boom build order has you covered! Objective 1: …

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  • Huns
    The Huns. One of every player’s favorite civilization to play at one point of time in Age of Empires 2, although this civilization is also quite strong in competitive play, particularly on open maps. Huns are known to be a highly flexible civilization due to its ability to be flexible with melee or range options, …

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  • Fast Castle into Boom
    The Fast Castle into Boom, one of the best beginner build orders for closed maps. Learn the build for a 15 minute fast castle into a 3 town-center boom.
  • Counter Guide
    Age of Empires 2 is a complex game where each military unit has a role to play in battle; each military unit is a counter for another unit and may be countered by another unit.
  • How to defend against an opponent
    Defending is never a comfortable situation to be placed in; screw up and your economy is right there to be damaged and you have lost the game. Nevertheless, there are circumstances in which being in the defending position is to your advantage, provided you know how to defend.
  • Value
    Sometimes it is the small things that reflect a skill difference between two different players. Value can be one of those small things that can add up in the long way. It is a term used both to measure game sense, knowing when it is appropriate to micro and be very active with your military or when it is appropriate to patrol your units into a fight and focus on your economy. It also reflects on a players ability to get more than was expected or hoped for out of a unit.
  • Learning and setting up Hotkeys
    Whether you are entering Age of Empires 2 as a new player, playing amongst your friend group or trying ranked games for the first time, one thing that will always be relevant in improving is to learn hotkeys. While hotkeys can be set up, it seems that most players operate best by using the stock-standard …

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  • Scout Rush
    The scout rush is the go-to build order for a new player wanting to learn how to learn build orders. Not only does the build not require gold to be collected, meaning that only 2 resources are needed to be focussed on, it also allows a player to understand the importance of efficiently balancing an …

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  • Cuman Mini-Boom
    Cumans are a very unique, even strange civilization, which many consider to be a civilization not yet figured out. In this build order, we will be booming off two town-centers in the Feudal Age.
  • Army Compositions
    So you are in Post-Imperial Age, you have had your skirmishes throughout the game or maybe you have just had a big boom. What now? Well, knowing the best army compositions will definitely help your gameplay. An army composition refers to the grouping of military units that you are using, designed to be effective and …

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  • Britons
    With two economy bonuses, one operating from the Dark Age, extra-ranged range units, and faster working archery ranges, Britons can all too often snowball out of control for their opponents. While they are known for their Archer gameplay, Britons can fair decently with infantry, and can even field above-average navy. Civilization Bonuses Team Bonus Unique …

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  • Khmer Fast Castle into Boom
    With Definitive Edition, Khmer have recently become one of the best booming civilizations in the game. The fact that farmers instantly drop off food they have collected into a players resources, combined with the lack of needing any buildings to advance to the next age has meant that this Khmer Fast Castle build order is …

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  • Drush into Fast Castle
    The Drush into Fast Castle is an intermediate build order that, when executed right, can assist you in dominating a match. A foreword about this strategy is that it is used when a player feels their civilization may be best off doing a fast castle strategy for any particular reason, but they are playing on …

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