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The Aztecs, known for their amazing economy, beastly skirmishers and godlike monks (see what I did there), this civilization is a fan favourite for many players. The Aztecs are able to fend off any army that comes its way, but struggles on water or hybrid maps where navy may be dominant.

Civilization Bonuses

  • Villagers can carry +3 resources.
  • All military units are created 11% faster.
  • Monks gain 5 HP for each monastery technology researched.
  • Start with +50 gold.

Team Bonus

  • Relics generate +33% gold

Unique Unit

  • Jaguar Warrior (anti-infantry infantry)

Unique Technologies

  • Atlatl – Skirmishers gain 1 extra range and 1 extra attack
  • Garland Wars – Infantry gain 4 attack


Aztecs are a very aggressive civilization. They tend to operate best when applying early aggression, due to the large power spike which knights give to other players. As Aztecs are a meso-civilization, they do not receive this power spike as they do not receive cavalry. If a player has the skill however, the Aztec player can fend off a knight rush with Monks, which are created faster due to the civilization bonus, and also receive additional HP for each monastery technology researched.

While it is true that Aztecs should attempt early aggression where they can, an Aztec player that has boomed is no joke, as in the late game, they have the strongest skirmishers in the game with Atlatl, they have beastly infantry, as they receive +4 attack due to Garland Wars, and the fact that Aztecs have one of the best farmers in the game, contributing to infantry production.

Production should not be a problem for Aztecs either, due to the increased military production speed, relevant in every age of the game.

Aztecs are one of the best Arena civilizations; Aztecs have one of the strongest siege-monk pushes in the game, and relics play an important part in every Arena game since it is more likely that the match will enter a post-imperial trash war, in which champions are simply the best unit to deal with trash unit, especially champions with Garland Wars.

Aztec players on open maps can choose to open drush into archers or fast-castle, men @ arms into archers or even open straight archers, but probably cannot afford to fast-castle into eagles or crossbowmen due to the sheer strength advantage that non-meso civilizations have with an uninterrupted economy that is able to field knights. If fast castle is necessary on an open map, whether it is for a boom in pocket or for another reason, monks are your best defensive friend.

An Aztec drush is quite effective. Owing to the additional 50 gold Aztecs receive, players can take loom, not take any gold in Dark Age and still make 5 militia. This not only allows for additional villagers to remain on food or wood longer in Dark Age for a healthier economy, but it also allows for a dominant drush with a numbers advantage when facing up to a standard 3 militia drush.

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