Khmer Fast Castle into Boom


With Definitive Edition, Khmer have recently become one of the best booming civilizations in the game. The fact that farmers instantly drop off food they have collected into a players resources, combined with the lack of needing any buildings to advance to the next age has meant that this Khmer Fast Castle build order is one of the best fast castles in the game.

Objective – Advance to Feudal Age at 24 population

  1. Build 2 houses, 1 with 2 villagers and 1 with the remaining villager. Queue villagers at the town center.
  2. Send your first 3 villagers and the house building villagers to collect sheep to make 6 on sheep.
  3. Send your next 3 villagers to wood.
  4. Push 1 deer, preferably after sending your first villager to wood. You should have finished 3 of your sheep by the time you push the deer in. Move your 6 sheep villagers to deer.
  5. Send your next villager to lure the boar. Use that villager to build a house on the way.
  6. Send your next villager to deer. The deer will be almost finished as your boar luring villager comes underneath the town center. Transition your villagers to the boar if the deer is fully collected, otherwise, keep 1 on deer.
  7. Continue pushing your deer with your scout. Use 2-3 villagers to collect deer when it is pushed, the rest on boar.
  8. Send 3 more villagers to collect boar.
  9. Send your next villager to lure the second boar. Build a house on the way.
  10. Send one of your villagers collecting either deer or boar to mill the berries.
  11. Only use about 8 villagers to collect the second boar. Use the other five villagers underneath the town center to collect sheep.
  12. Send villager 19 to berries.
  13. Send the next three villagers to wood.
  14. Use a villager collecting boar (one that is weakened by the boar preferably) to build a farm at around 21 population.
  15. Send the next two villagers to gold.
  16. Transition villagers collecting boar to sheep. Send 2 of these villagers to berries instead of sheep.
  17. Click Feudal Age.
  18. Begin transitioning sheep villagers to farms  when you are collecting your last two sheep. Send the remaining villagers to berries for the farms you cannot afford yet (Should make around 8 on berries)
  19. At about 40% of the way to Feudal Age, send two villagers from wood to collect gold.
  20. At this point (50% to Feudal Age), if all has been done correctly, you should have about 500 food and 120 gold.
  21. At around 80% to Feudal Age you should have about 180 gold. Send one villager to make a farm.
  22. Upon hitting Feudal Age, force drop your berry villagers at the mill and click up to Castle Age.
  23. Leave one villager on berries, and one villager on gold, and send the rest to wood. The aim is to have 550 wood upon hitting Castle Age to drop 2 town centers.
  24. Use the berry villager to build a house and then return to berries.
  25. Research Double-Bit Axe.
  26. Upon hitting Castle Age you should be able to drop two town centers. Ensure you build these with at least 4 villagers each, but leave a few villagers collecting wood to place a few farms.
  27. Boom away. Consider using one of your town centers on a gold mine, collecting gold, and building a market to buy 100 stone when you can afford a new town center.
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