Mayan Plume-&-Boom


This build lets a Mayan player fast castle and immediately place a castle and a second town center, with steady production of Plumed Archers and a third town center being made a minute after advancing.

Should you want to try it yourself in game, our interactive Mayan Plume-&-Boom build order has you covered!

Objective 1: advance to Feudal Age with 27 population

  • As you are starting with the extra Mayan villager, research loom and build two houses among your villagers.
  • Send your villagers to sheep and send the next 2 villagers to sheep.
  • Send your next four villagers to wood.
  • Send the next villager to lure the boar. Build a house on the way.
  • Send your next four villagers to mill the berries.
  • Send a villager to lure the second boar.
  • Send your next villager to build a house and then collect food from boar.
  • Send your next four villagers to a new lumber camp.
  • Send your next villager to build a house and then build a mining camp on your main gold.
  • Send a second villager to gold.
  • Send two villagers to build a mining camp on stone.
  • Research Feudal Age at 27 population.

Objective 2: Advance to Castle Age with 29 Population

  • As you advance to Feudal Age, send two villagers from boar to stone.
  • Transition villagers from sheep to farms.
  • Upon advancing to Feudal Age, have one villager build a blacksmith and another two villagers build a market.
  • Send two new villagers to stone.
  • Advance to Castle Age with 29 population.

Objective 3: Immediately place a castle and town center

  • Move a villager from farming to stone while advancing to Castle Age.
  • Research Fletching and double-bit axe and horse collar.
  • When you advance to Castle Age, immediately place a castle with the villagers from stone.
  • Use the four villagers from one lumber camp to build an additional town center.
  • Send 2 new villagers to gold.
  • Send any new villagers after this to wood.
  • Ensure production is maintained out of both the castle for the Plumed Archers and town centers for your boom.
  • Make farms with villagers on wood.
  • After about a minute in Castle Age you should be able to build a third town center.
  • Research two-man saw.
  • Research bodkin arrow.

Download our interactive version of the Mayan Plume-&-Boom

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