16 Population Mongol Scout Rush

Mongols need to eat boars

With this build order, you will be able to have an 8 minute Feudal time and begin producing scouts. This build is intermediate, and requires the following skills:

  • The ability to force drop food from boars
  • The ability to push deer
  • Scouting the enemies base early
  • The ability to balance your economy
  • Optional/Preferential: Use the Town Center trick to weaken the boar and protect villager health.

If you do not have these skills, you may prefer to try an ordinary scout rush. Alternatively, if you have the skills but you have not mastered them, try out our 18 population Mongol Scout Rush.

Now to the build order.

Objective 1: Lure 2 boars in the first 10 villagers

  1. Use your starting 3 villagers to build two houses. Send them to collect sheep after that.
  2. Scout out your base. You need to find your boar immediately.
  3. Send your next villager to collect sheep.
  4. Send your next villager to lure a boar.
  5. Send your next 2 villagers to collect boar. You may need to force drop your villagers to ensure your town center is not idle.
  6. Send your next villager to build a lumber camp.
  7. Use your scout to push deer.
  8. Send your 9th villager to lure your second boar.
  9. Send your next villager to take food from boar.

Objective 2: Correcting your food-heavy economy before advancing to Feudal Age

  1. Send a villager to wood.
  2. You should have your scout bring in your second deer. Take three villagers from boar to deer.
  3. Send a villager to make a house and then take wood.
  4. Send another villager to wood, to make four on wood.
  5. When your second boar runs out, send three villagers to mill the berries. The rest can take sheep and deer.
  6. Send your 15th villager to wood.
  7. Research loom and send 3 of your villagers collecting from sheep to wood.
  8. Advance to Feudal Age.
  9. Start scouting for your enemy.

Objective 3: Scouts, scouts and more scouts

  1. At roughly 45% to Feudal Age, send a villager on sheep to build a barracks. After building the barracks, have the villager build a house.
  2. Have two villagers on sheep collect from straggler trees until you reach Feudal Age, and then have them collect sheep again.
  3. When you hit Feudal Age, have the villager who built the barracks to build a stable.
  4. Research Double-Bit Axe.
  5. Send your next 2 villagers to sheep.
  6. Send three villagers on wood to make a new lumbercamp on another woodline.
  7. Start producing scouts from your stable. As soon as you have 2 scouts, which can include your starting scout, put the pressure on the enemy, looking to pick off an enemy villager wherever possible.
  8. Send your next 3 villagers to collect sheep. Your villager that built the stables can start walling or house-walling your town, or go back to wood.
  9. Send your next villager to straggler trees. With two villagers collecting from sheep, drop two farms around your town center.
  10. Rebalance your economy so that when your last sheep runs out, you have some farms running.
  11. Continue building scouts or transition into whatever else you may decide.


There are a few things to be aware of:

  1. The aim of this build is to have a very fast scout rush appear at the enemies base. If your opponent opens with a drush, it can delay your opening, as militia may appear as you are building your stable.
  2. You cannot afford to push more than 2 deer. If you do, you will not gain valuable information about your opponents map. You must scout your opponents base as soon as you have pushed the two deer, so that you can use that early Feudal pressure.
  3. I am going to provide my opinion here. If you do not damage the opponent with scouts, I would argue you are not worse off. This build still affords you double-bit axe and a number of farms.
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