Cuman Mini-Boom


The Cumans are one of the new civilizations which were made available with the release of Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition. Cumans are a very unique, even strange civilization, which many consider to be a civilization not yet figured out. In this build order, we will be using one of the many strange civilization bonuses available to the Cuman’s – the ability to build a second town-centre in the Feudal Age. Left unchecked, this can lead to arguably the best boom in the game.

Objective 1 – Advance to the Feudal Age at 20 villagers

  1. As always, build 2 houses and send your first 3 villagers and the house building villagers to collect sheep.
  2. Send the next 2 villagers to wood.
  3. Send the next villager to build a house (ideally in the place of where you intend to wall) and then collect a boar.
  4. send the next villager to sheep
  5. send the next 2 villagers to berries. You should just have enough wood to build a mill with the first villager when the second villager is created, but if not, force drop your wood villagers.
  6. Send the next villager to collect wood.
  7. Send the next villager to berries.
  8. Send the next villager to collect the second boar.
  9. Send the next 3 villagers to collect boar.
  10. Send the next 2 villagers to collect wood.
  11. Click loom, then click feudal Age.
  12. Send one villager from berries to make a house.
  13. Transition 4 of your villagers collecting boar to collect wood, while the rest should collect sheep.
  14. At halfway to feudal, if you are playing on an open map, send 5 of your villagers to wall your base.
  15. Build a second tc on reaching feudal age with 6 villagers from wood.
  16. Send new villagers to straggler trees and build farms whenever you reach 60 wood. You should have a surplus of food to ensure villager production can be maintained while getting farming eco up and running.
  17. Research double bit axe and horse collar when possible.
  18. Boom away.
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