Scout Rush

The scout rush is the go-to build order for a new player wanting to learn how to learn build orders. Not only does the build not require gold to be collected, meaning that only 2 resources are needed to be focussed on, it also allows a player to understand the importance of efficiently balancing an economy, as you require ample food production to sustain villagers costing 50 food and scouts costing 80 food, and you require the wood economy to balance out new farms and to be able to place a barracks while advancing to Feudal Age and then a stable in feudal.

  • As always, queue villagers and send your first 3 to sheep. Also, build 2 houses, 1 with 2 villagers and 1 with 1, and send these villagers to collect sheep as well.
  • Send your next 3 villagers to collect wood.
  • Send your next villager to lure the boar. Build a house on the way with the luring villager.
  • Send your next 4 villagers to berries.
  • Lure the second boar with the next villager.
  • Send another villager to collect boar.
  • Send the next villager to build a house and then to build a lumber camp on a secondary woodline.
  • Send 2 villagers to join the second woodline.
  • Build a farm with a hunting villager.
  • Send the last villager to wood.
  • Research Loom
  • Click Feudal Age
  • At 25%, start building a house. Have this villager build a barracks next to the house.
  • Upon reaching Feudal Age, this villager should be able to build a stable.
  • Research double bit axe and horse collar.
  • Start building farms around your town centre. Have villagers finishing on sheep transition between straggler trees and 2 on berries.
  • Every time you reach 60 wood, make a new farm.
  • Continue producing scouts from your stable and villagers from your town centre.
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