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How to defend against an opponent

Defending is never a comfortable situation to be placed in; screw up and your economy is right there to be damaged and you have lost the game. Nevertheless, there are circumstances in which being in the defending position is to your advantage, provided you know how to defend.


Teamgame Roles

Competitive teamgames come in three forms: 2 vs 2’s, 3 vs 3’s and 4 vs 4’s. 2 vs 2’s In 2 vs 2 matches on standard maps, each player on a team has an opponent on their side of the map. This limits passive approaches, making fast castles and booming difficult if not detrimental. The …

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Hot forging steel

The Blacksmith

The blacksmith – one of the most frequented building at the start of every age.To the obvious description of the blacksmith; a unique building allows a player to research technologies relating to the armor, attack and range of military units at different points in the game.To understand what units benefit from what blacksmith upgrades, attention …

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