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Sometimes it is the small things that reflect a skill difference between two different players. Value can be one of those small things that can add up in the long way. It is a term used both to measure game sense, knowing when it is appropriate to micro and be very active with your military or when it is appropriate to

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Learning and setting up Hotkeys

Whether you are entering Age of Empires 2 as a new player, playing amongst your friend group or trying ranked games for the first time,

Generic Build Orders

Scout Rush

The scout rush is the go-to build order for a new player wanting to learn how to learn build orders. Not only does the build

Civilization Specific Build Orders

Cuman Mini-Boom

Cumans are a very unique, even strange civilization, which many consider to be a civilization not yet figured out. In this build order, we will be booming off two town-centers in the Feudal Age.

Army Compositions

So you are in Post-Imperial Age, you have had your skirmishes throughout the game or maybe you have just had a big boom, what now?



With two economy bonuses, one operating from the Dark Age, extra-ranged range units, and faster working archery ranges, Britons can all too often snowball out

Civilization Specific Build Orders

Khmer Fast Castle into Boom

With Definitive Edition, Khmer have recently become one of the best booming civilizations in the game. The fact that farmers instantly drop off food they

Build Orders

Drush into Fast Castle

The Drush into Fast Castle is an intermediate build order that, when executed right, can assist you in dominating a match. A foreword about this


Teamgame Roles

Competitive teamgames come in three forms: 2 vs 2’s, 3 vs 3’s and 4 vs 4’s. 2 vs 2’s In 2 vs 2 matches on