The Aztecs, known for their amazing economy, beastly skirmishers and godlike monks, this civilization is a fan favorite for many players. The Aztecs are able to fend off any army that comes its way, but struggles on water or hybrid maps where navy may be dominant.Read More →

Hot forging steel

The blacksmith – one of the most frequented building at the start of every age.To the obvious description of the blacksmith; a unique building allows a player to research technologies relating to the armor, attack and range of military units at different points in the game.To understand what units benefit from what blacksmith upgrades, attention has to be given to the units military class. The seven basic military classes are infantry, cavalry, archers, cavalry archers, siege, monks and navy.Technologies affecting siege and monks are not found in the blacksmith but in the university and monastery respectively.The blacksmith has 15 technologies, five of which become availableRead More →